Transferring Your Medications To Us

Transferring your prescription to us is very easy.  Our well-trained staff can ease your mind and make transferring your prescriptions to us very simple.  Some of the most commonly asked questions we get are these:

  • Does the pharmacy take my insurance? 
      • We accept all major insurance.

  • Will my insurance co-pay be the same?
      • Your insurance co-pay should be the same at any pharmacy.

  • Can I still get my refills without having to see my doctor?
      • Yes.  We will call your previous pharmacy and get a list of all of your prescriptions without you having to see or call your doctor or previous pharmacy.  All we need is your request, some basic information such as ID, insurance card, etc. as well as the name of the pharmacy and a list of the prescriptions.

  • Can you let me know when my prescription is ready to be filled?
      • Yes.  If you want us to, we will either call you or send you a text message when your prescription is ready to be filled.

  • May I pay for my prescription without using insurance?
      • As you know, insurance plans take care of most prescriptions.  However, we will always be competitive with our prices.  If you bring us a current receipt from your previous pharmacy we will make every effort to meet or beat the prices you have been paying.
Last Updated: 6/7/2019